After episodes in astronomy, law, and journalism, Chalmers became part of the theatre community.

Chalmers (Hardenbergh) grew up in Minnesota. He drank the milk of left-wing activism at Cal (BSc 1967), and studied astronomy (MSc University of Toronto). He switched to law (JD Northeastern University 1974) then journalism.  In an effort to reduce nuclear arms, he founded and edited The Arms Control Reporter (1980-1992). When the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union disappeared, he founded and edited the weekly newsletter Atlantic Northeast Rails & Ports, to support environmentally-friendly railroads. After selling it in January 2018, he pursued playwriting full-time. 
           He lives in Maine.
Chalmers learned about playwriting from two local instructors, Mike Levine and Jeffrey Pressman. Their courses introduced him to the vibrant theatre community of Portland, and he was able to write and produce his first full-length, J.D. Salinger in East Berlin in 2017. Considerably rewritten, it was produced during the 2019-2020 season of Players Ring in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
    After productions of two shorts, 'Schnitzels and Noodles' and 'Penelope', he wrote What Price Reparations? and then Zora and Zelda. The latter, developed with the Concordia Drama Group, is scheduled for a reading at the Attic Salt Company in Asheville, North Carolina November 20220.